Resolution Specialist

Bill Brydon knows conflict.

He has experienced it personally, responded to it professionally, studied it as an educator, and as a coach helped others overcome it.

With a law enforcement career spanning 32 years, Bill has seen conflict from many different perspectives. From family disputes to civil disobedience his experiences are events that movies are made from. At the conclusion of his career he was the chief crisis negotiator for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Nova Scotia and a lead instructor at the Canadian Police College in Ottawa.

He learned early in his career the value of strong communication skills in order to address conflict. As a police officer he engaged in situations that had taken years to manifest and was expected to resolve them in minutes. Over the years he has immersed himself in the study of conflict and is a proponent of a “measured approach” to conflict resolution.

Bill has applied the measured approach methodology to a variety of conflicts including labour protests, environmental issues, fisheries disputes and is highly regarded in his ability to work with the disputing parties to develop unique resolutions to conflict.

Drawing on his experiences and education Bill is available to train, engage, and guide individuals or groups through the conflict resolution process.