Negotiators, mediators, and fact-finders are roles designed to help disputing parties reach an agreement as an alternative to a costly and time consuming court experience. Each discipline is a component of the alternative dispute resolution process and a resolution may require expertise drawn from each role.

Reiteach mediators are impartial facilitators, working with all of the individuals or groups in order to reach an agreement. Mediation is all about process therefore the substance of the agreement is secondary. It is about helping all parties understand the conflict, seek out root causes and identify choices that will lead to a resolution.

You may benefit from a Mediator if:

  • You distrust the other party(s)
  • To avoid an adversarial situation
  • One or all parties are too emotional to negotiate face to face
  • When negotiations have broken down
  • A specific request for mediation by one party.

Success is measured in developing an accord that all will accept.

Many people feel uncomfortable, intimidated or simply do not feel that they have the expertise to negotiate on behalf of themselves or their company. Reiteach Negotiators are not impartial! We work for our clients in order to obtain the best agreement for them.

You may benefit from a Negotiator if:

  • You want to protect your interests
  • Lack of skills on your part to negotiate
  • Not comfortable with negotiation
  • Your adversary has hired one

Success is measured in getting the best agreement possible for those on one side of the issue.

Reiteach Fact-Finders are impartial to the dispute. It is our role to determine the facts, and make recommendations to resolve it. What we discover through the Fact Finding phase is a subjective view of the situation to counter-act rumours, innuendo and false information that often sits at the base of the dispute. The truth often lies somewhere in the middle.

You might need a fact-finder:

  • To determine the facts that are in dispute
  • You feel the other party(s) are misleading, withholding information or lying

Success is measured by the discovery of the truth.

 A measured approach to conflict management is a Crisis Management Philosophy that relies on a process to reach a solution. It is contingent on all sides realizing that any public safety issues must be adhered to or the police will resort to confrontation.

The measured approach is best utilized when:

  • civil unrest is a possibility (labour disputes, protests,blockades)

Success is measured when the interests of all parities are in balance with the interests of the public good.